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7 Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid by Recent Grads

Students look ahead to graduation, but many also dread to come to the end of their last semester knowing that a student loan is waiting to be repaid. Although a grace period of six to nine months will be granted before they have to start repaying student loans, it will still be a big burden […]

Will Student Loans Deny You A Home?

It’s every American’s dream to buy a house where he could establish his own family and nurture his own kids. But with the threat of student loan repayments to compensate your four-year degree, the cost may even boil down to saying goodbye to his hopes of a modest home. The ability to achieve things and […]

What you Need to Know about Consolidating Student Loans

Along with gaining a new degree, many graduates will also leave campus with student loan payments in their pockets. The burden does not stop here, as they still need to fit debt repayments to their post-graduate budget. Consolidating your federal student loans is one of the best way to benefit from the student loan forgiveness […]

Nurse Student Loan Forgiveness

Fortunately, student loans forgiveness for nurses are still very much available in almost all areas of the United States. These are still available because of numerous financial programs that are being run through State and Federal organizations. Federal loan repayment programs are available, as well as state loan forgiveness programs. These are variable offerings. Some […]

Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

Formulated by the Higher Education Amendments, the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program is an advantageous feat as teachers are eligible for principal reduction of $5,000 to $17,500 on their loans and full forgiveness after a 10 year term. It amended the Higher Education Act of 1965, which originally makes teachers obligated to pay the full amount […]

How Your Student Loan Debt Can Get You Fired

Employees can get fired from their jobs for justifiable reasons such as insubordination, misconduct, and poor performance. But did you know that even defaulting on your student loan can get you fired? In a recent report by Bloomberg, as much as 22 states have laws that allow authorities to revoke an individual’s professional license if […]

5 Things to Remember about your Student Loan Interest Rate

Student loans play a large role in US higher education. A report by Forbes shows that about 70% of all students borrow student loans throughout their college lives, and that the average debt owed come graduation time is at an astonishing $29,400. The ever-increasing cost of a college diploma has brought with it a corresponding […]

Know Your Rights: Obama’s Student Aid Bill of Rights

Student loans are a constant source of distress to college students in the US. The White House estimates that over 70% of students earning a bachelor’s degree graduate with debt averaging at around $28,400. And not all of these debts are expected to be paid back. In fact, in the first quarter of 2015 alone, […]

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