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Obama to Modify PAYE for Benefit of Student Loan Borrowers

President Obama recently noted that higher education has been a luxurious investment in the US. It has become expensive that students who desire to have a better future are often constrained not to finish a degree while paying off the student loan incurred in the hopes of graduating college. With this in mind, the president […]

Do Late Student Loan Payments Affect your Credit Score?

The answer is yes. It is common knowledge that a lot of undergraduates rely on student loans to finish their degrees. However, many often take for granted the scheduled payments on these loans. Most have the slightest idea that late student loan payments can affect one’s credit scores. Making late payments or totally defaulting on […]

Alarming Student Loan Statistics: How NOT to be a Part of it

Most millennials have a hard time staying on top of their finances. One of the reasons for this is because they have become burdened with student loans. This prevents them from seizing investment opportunities, which they would only do so until after they have cleared out their debts.After doing some research, Assisting America recommends you […]

Obama signs ‘Student Aid Bill of Rights’

President Barack Obama is slated to speak to students at Georgia Tech on Tuesday about how he wants to make the process of repaying student loans easier to understand and manage. Obama signs a “student aid bill of rights” and will speak about an assortment of policy tweaks and projects to try to make it […]

A Guide to Paying Off Your Student Loans

A Guide to Paying Off Your Student Loans Faster We all know that earning a college diploma is only half the battle. Paying off student loans you have racked up during your college years is an entirely different matter. It is important for you to start paying them as soon as you start working and […]

Government Keeps Eye on Student Loan Relief Industry

Loan consolidation is rapidly becoming a top choice for university graduates who are looking for more affordable ways to repay their student loan. With overwhelming amount of student loan, students and graduates are scouring for much needed help. Student loan relief companies, such as Debt.org, offer these debtors some help.Because of the gaining popularity of the […]

Tax Returns for Student Loan Default

Due to the cost of higher education in the US it’s no wonder why a lot of people turn to student loans for help. While this debt may be helpful for them to finish college, sometimes it is the same burden that leads the students drop out.Josh Brooks, for instance, was a student studying at Valencia […]

What You Need to Know About Student Loans

University education is very costly and every year, that cost is increasing even more rapidly than inflation. In school year 2013-2014, the College Board posted that the cost of undergraduate tuition and fees at private institutions was pegged at $30,094. Public colleges and universities charged state residents roughly $8,893 while out-of-state students had to pay an average […]

Welcome to Assisting America

We are committed to assisting students, and help them reach financial wellness through education and support. Finding solutions to your student loan challenges may seem overwhelming. Our student loan advisors undergo extensive training to ensure you receive the best quality of service and student loan repayment options. We take all of the necessary steps to […]

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